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IBAN : IT65U0526279748T20990001100
The  BIC/SWIFT required per foreign payments is: BPPUIT33
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International Conference “Between Overtourism and Undertourism”
Unisalento 26-29 June 2019
The Conference fee is € 200,00 for presenters (by the 15th of May) and 250,00 Euro after the 15th of May and € 50,00 for students and retired academic staff.
Pre excursion 50,00 Euro
Post excursion 50,00 Euro
Gala Dinner 55,00 Euro


Account holder’s name Università del Salento
IBAN IT 65 U 05262 79 748 T 20990001100
Name of the Bank Banca Popolare Pugliese
Please specify the reason for the payment “name of participant – BETWEEN OVERTOURISM AND UNDERTOURISM: payment options”